Women Empowerment Committee

The aim of the committee is to allow every woman employee to pursue her work in a safe and dignified environment and to protect women against any form of harassment or gender discrimination and to provide a means of redress should such cases arise.

1 Dr.G.Sujatha Associate Professor Convener
2 Dr.Ch. Madhuramma Professor Member
3 Prof. M. Usha Associate Professor Member
4 Dr.K.Vijaya Nirmala Associate Professor Member
5 Mrs. B. Archana Assistant Professor Member
6 Mrs. C.Suneetha Assistant Professor Member
7 Ms. B.Saranya Assistant Professor Member


To organize several programmes to enhance the confidence level of girl students for their empowerment in the society.
To counsel and solve the personal and academic related problems of Women.
To pay special attention on Safety and Security & exploitation related issues.
To bring about attitudinal and behavioral change in adolescent youth of the female gender.
To provide a working living harassment free atmosphere by identifying and fixing responsibility on concerned persons for ensuring equal treatment of and participation by women in all areas.
To create awareness about women’s welfare laws and counseling.
To develop multidisciplinary approach for the overall personality development.
To prevent sexual harassment and to promote general well-being of female students, teaching and non-teaching women staff of the College.
To create awareness on equal opportunity for women this will ultimately lead to improved attitude and behavior.
To empower the Women in multi-disciplinary approach.