Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology

Funded Projects - Ongoing

S.No Funding agency Title of the Project Directors/Principal Investigator Amount sanctioned (Lakhs) Year of Starting Status
1. DST-SEED System On-Chip Technology to Enhance the Productivity and Quality of Horticulture Crops Dr.Immanuel Anupalli
Dr.Hari Prasath M
74.75 2020 Ongoing
2. AIM, NITI Ayog Govt. of India Atal Community Innovation Centre(ACIC)- Audisankara Innovation and Incubation Centre(ASIIC) Mrs.Aravinda Vanki
Mrs.Anusha Vanki
250.00 2021 Ongoing
3. MSME,Govt. of India MSME Host Institute Dr.B.V.Raman 100.00 2021 Ongoing
4. DST/SEED Development of Wireless Smart Bed Wet Detection system in Elderly care Dr.A.Raja Basha 28.89 2021 Ongoing