Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology

Research & Development

Research and Development Centre of Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology is focused on cutting-edge research in the areas of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management having multidisciplinary team of experts. This centre provide infrastructure for students and teachers to handle research projects, regular academic projects and consultancy works in the thrust areas to inculcate R&D based teaching and learning process, which promotes the growth of undergraduate, Post graduate and doctoral students. Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology got sanctioned MHRD Innovation Cell (Institutions Innovation Council) from 2018 onwards to continuously encourage interdisciplinary research on innovative and creative task based research, product development, learning–resources development and industrial training in the core areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Basic Sciences & Humanities, that generates innovative and creative ideas and promotes the development of Incubation and Innovation Centre at R&D Centre. Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology encourages faculty members to work as interdisciplinary teams for which several research groups are identified and created across the Audisankara Group of Institutions. This group has the following Central Govt. Recognition,

Affiliations and Accreditations:
1.UGC Autonomous Status,
2.NBA accreditation,
3.NAAC accreditation,
4.Recognition under section 12(B) and 2(f) of UGC Act 1956.

The following centers of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh are also enhancing the quality of education and Research in the region of SPSR Nellore District.
1. APSSDC Nodal Center: Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Centre providing the following facilities:
(a) Skill Improvement program (SIP)
(b) Faculty Development Program (FDP)
(c) Campus Recruitment Training (CRT)
(d) Financial Literacy program (FLP)
(e) Digital Literacy Program (DLP)

2. Siemens Centre of Excellence: SIEMENS Technical Skill Development Institute (TSDI) providing the following facilities:
(a) Two Wheeler Lab
(b) Four wheeler Lab
(c) CBT Lab
(d) Agro Lab
(e) Manufacturing Lab
(i) Welding Lab
(ii) CNC Machining Centre
3. CISCO Networking Academy
4. National Instruments (NI) Lab View Academy etc.

Motivation for Research and Consultancy:

Faculty members and students are highly encouraged to involve in several R&D activities by involving in inculcating Research climate across the institution. The following are some of the developmental activities to the faculty members to promote R&D:
i. A separate R&D Centre headed by DEAN R&D is established to monitor and execute all proposal and funded projects right from design & sanction stage to completion & submission of utilization certificate (UC) and final report.
ii. A senior level scientist from CSIR labs has been appointed as Director, Research is a milestone for R&D development in different direction across the Audisankara Group of Institutions.
iii. Joint product development of teacher with students for innovative ideas on design and development of products, for this, Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology regularly conducting PROJECTRA – A highly successful project expo for student skills and innovations without any gap since last couple of Years.
iv. All students and faculty, depends up on availability of time attending the IIC programs telecasting by MHRD –Innovation Centre (MIC) of AICTE for implementing different ideas and plans for improving the quality education and research arranging at Cisco-Networking laboratory.
v. Organizes students as variety of groups leading to improve academic abilities, skills, and language for real-time contribution of their interest useful for contemporary needs.
vi. A separate IDIOLOGY Laboratory cum room for students to discuss on innovative ideas and thoughts to share each other for promoting as innovative academic projects and consultancy works.
vii. Faculty and Students are encouraging to send various National and International Institutions for special training on innovative research under different Fellowship/ Scholarship schemes especially from the past couple of years’. Moreover, students of Audisankara Group of institutions achieving “Stanford University Innovation Fellowship (UIF Programs)” from past three Years.
viii. A separate Entrepreneurship Development Cell for training students to become Entrepreneurs having a separate EDP Coordinator is another feather in the Audisankara group achievements.
ix. Deputation of Teaching & Research faculty members and students to participate and share their research results with scientific platforms like seminars, conferences, workshops and other training programs is a regular activity in the ASCET.
x. Management regularly providing financial support to the faculty members for presenting technical paper(s) in National and International conferences/ seminars/ symposia etc.
xi. It is a regular activity to R&D Centre to invite experts from Industries, Research Organizations and Reputed Academic Institutions to deliver lectures on thrust areas and topics that are comes under contemporary needs of the society.