Computer Center

The Campus Network Control Centre has been established at a cost of Rs.1.5 crores and maintained by the Department of CSE. The old network has been upgraded and replaced with 80 extreme switches, MSDN Academic Alliance Pack, IBM Rational Architect, MAT Lab, Multi Sim, Xilinx, National Instruments, CC Studio are available and 2 high end servers for College Automation and Online Exams. The present wired and wireless network infrastructure has been established with priority on reliability, performance and cost efficiency. Dedicated leased line Internet facility with a bandwidth of 100 Mbps is available to cater to the academic & research needs in the Campus. The activity in the institute is under video surveillance with 88 CC cameras. Digital Signages are placed at the major junctions in the institute that continuously displays information regarding any upcoming events, photographs of the completed events, campus news and awardees photographs. These systems will be continuously running during the working hours. There are Auditorium's and Seminar Halls which are equipped with E Learning Solutions to support Computer, Internet access, training to teachers and students and any other programme for technology upgradation. The Classrooms, seminar halls, Auditoriums are equipped with LCD Projectors with all accessories. The college has an equipped Lecture Capture System. Video-conferencing and A-View facility is also available within the institute. The periodical updates and maintenance is done by the qualified in-house personnel.

Computer Center Incharge: D.V.VARAPRASAD

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