VISION To strive for academic excellence in broad array of Civil Engineering disciplines using outcome based education consistent with industrial demands and to create a research environment that meets the social needs.
 MISSION Mission#1 To create knowledge resources and educating graduates in latest technologies in different disciplines of Civil Engineering.
Mission#2 To employ highly dedicated faculty members who are effective teacher-scholars committed to maintaining a learner centric undergraduate environment with emphasis on student mentoring.
Mission#3 To tackle different challenges of the society by guiding students through innovative projects.
Mission#4 Undertaking professional consultancy services in diverse areas of civil engineering.
PROGRAM EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES (PEO) PEO1 Develop the skills for development of new materials, design and construction of structures that are sustainable.
PEO2 Expose the students to the latest innovations and trends with a view to inculcate research orientation in structural engineering as well as in multidisciplinary streams.
PEO3 Adopt to the technological advancements for professional development to cater for the changing needs of the society through critical thinking.
PEO4 Become as Professional Engineers, teaching experts and engage in Research and Development works both with ethically and societal responsibility.
PROGRAM SPECIFIC OUTCOMES (PSO) PSO1 Apply the contextual knowledge of Civil Engineering to lead the project management by effective communication skills.
PSO2  Offer consultancy and engineering services with eco-friendly and ethical responsibility.
PROGRAM OUTCOMES (PO) PO1 Independently carry out research / investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
PO2 Write and present a substantial technical report / document.
PO3 Capable to apply the core, multidisciplinary knowledge for understanding the problems in structural engineering and allied fields.
PO4 Apply appropriate techniques, resources, modern engineering and Information Technology (IT) tools including predictions, modeling of complex structural engineering activities.
PO5 Able to identify and analyze the impact of Structural Engineering in development projects and find a suitable solution from number of alternatives.
PO6 Conceptualize and design civil engineering structures considering various socio-economic factors.
PO7 Ability to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of Structural Engineering and build capability to apply that knowledge to real problems.