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MBA Home

The Department of MBA was launched with 60 intakes in the academic year 2007-2008 with the lofty mission of providing quality Management Education conforming strictly to international standards set by Premier Management Intuitions of global stature upholding the traditions of excellence in management education. The principal objectives of the Department constitute producing innovative, dynamic and imaginative global managers with advanced knowledge of global business and imbued with the highest norms of corporate ethical culture and progressive vision. The MBA department has to its credit, highly qualified and experienced faculty well-stocked library with copious study material wide range of reference books authored by internationally acclaimed management professionals.

The department boasts of excellent infrastructural facilities which go a long way in fostering a right academic and professional ambience. The MBA Department leaves no stone unturned to provide the young management professionals with a sound base and solid foundation a much needed exposure and expertise by promoting effective communication skills, presentation skills dynamic leadership qualities by fostering cordial and healthy interpersonal relationships to grapple with the formidable challenges of the present day corporate sector, with a view to giving a boost to the intellectual, motivational, analytical, problem -solving capabilities of the young managers.

The Department organizes regularly, seminars, conferences workshops, symposia to facilitate student's interaction with eminent personalities from reputed corporate houses and a broad spectrum of industry to help the students transform their personality, keeping with the emerging trends in modern corporate management.

The department of MBA visualizes a technologically advanced, economically vibrant India in 21 century and affirms its unshakable commitment to prepare young managers by infusing in them, dynamism, confidence and competence to face the tough challenges of the modern competitive world head on and provide right direction and guidance to the coming generations in accelerating the pace of industrialization and leading the nation on the path to progress and prosperity.

Vision & Mission


To be an institution of excellence nurturing responsible global leaders for the greater common good and a sustainable future.


To disseminate knowledge in management through a portfolio of educational programs and publications. To extend frontiers of knowledge through relevant and contextual research. To nurture responsible ethical leaders sensitive to environment and society. To encourage critical thinking and continuous improvemnets and to inculcate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Educational Objectives & Outcomes

Program Outcomes

PO1:Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems.

PO2:Foster Analytical and critical thinking abilities for innovative and Strategic decision making

PO3:Ability to develop Value based Leadership ability

PO4:Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of business

PO5:Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment

Program Specific Outcomes(PSO's)

PSO1:A Student will able to face real world challenges through managerial skills

PSO2:A Student will have the ability to emerge as entrepreneurs through industry exposure with different business skills.

Program Educational Objectives(PEO's)

PEO1:The students will posses professional skills for employment and life long learning in management

PEO2:The graduates would have attained a general level of competence in management and to enable them to act with creative,innovative and entrepreneurial potentials with management tools

PEO3:Graduates will adopt to a rapidly change in environment with a learned and applied new skills and become socially responsible citizens committed to sustainable development

CO-PO-PSO Mapping

MBA BoS Members

S.No Name of the Member Designation Role of the BoS
1 Dr.A.M.Mahaboob Basha Professor & HOD Chairman
Subject Experts Nominated by Academic Council
2 Prof Suja.S.Nair Professor, Management Studies,Vikrama Simahpuri University , Nellore Member
3 Mr.T.Rajendra Prasad Executive Director,KSSPL, Krishnapatnam Port, Nellore Member
University Nominee
4 Prof.M.L.S Deva Kumar Professor, JNTUA College of Engineering, Anantapur, Ananthapramu Member
Department Faculty
5 Prof.G.Venkateswarlu Associate Professor, Specialization: Marketing and Finance Member
6 Prof.J.Srivani Associate Professor, Specialization: HR and Marketing Member
7 Prof.G.Murali Krishna Associate Professor, Specialization: HRM and Marketing Member
Industry Representative
8 Mr.A.Chaitanya Assistant Manager, HR Prime Meiden Limited,Menakuru, Naidupet Member
10 Mr.K.Lokesh Deputy Manager, Catholic Syrian Bank, Nellore Member

Courses and Content Delivery

Academic year : 2020-21 Regulation : R18 Semester : II-I
Electronic Devices
Digital Logic Design
Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
Object Oriented Programming through C++
Design Analysis and Algorithms
Management Science
Electronic Devices Lab
UNIX Shell Programming
C++ lab
Academic year : 2019-20 Regulation : R18 Semester : II-II
Probability and Statistics
Database Management Systems
Java Programming
Software Engineering
Computer Organization
Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
Java Programming Lab
Database Management Systems Lab
Software Engineering Lab
Academic year : 2020-21 Regulation : R18 Semester : III-I
Formal Languages and Automata Theory
Computer Networks
Operating Systems
Web Technologies
Advanced Data Structures
Computer Networks Lab
Web Technologies Lab
Operating Systems Lab
Academic year : 2019-20 Regulation : R16 Semester : III-II
Engineering Economics and Project Management
Web Technologies
Software Testing
Cryptography and Network Security
Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Artificial Intelligence
Web Technologies Lab
Software Testing and Case Tools Lab
Cryptography and Network Security Lab
Academic year : 2020-21 Regulation : R16 Semester : IV-I
Cloud Computing
Big Data Analysis
Mobile Application Development
Python Programming
Software Project Management
Cloud Computing Lab
Big Data Analysis Lab
Mobile Application Development Lab
Academic year : 2019-20 Regulation : R16 Semester : IV-II
soft Computing
Object Oriented Software Engineering

R18 Syllabus

R18 Syllabus

R20 Regulations & Syllabus

R20 Regulations & Syllabus

MBA Roll of Honour

S.No Year Name of the Student Regd.No Percentage
1 2007-09 S.Srinivas 07G21E0042 75.45
2 2008-10 Ch.Arachana 08G21E0044 76.26
3 2009-11 V.Manjusha 09G21E0025 79.41
4 2010-12 N.Deepthi 10G21E0013 86.33
5 2011-13 M.Harikha 11G21E0018 83.23
6 2012-14 P.Sruthi 12G21E0045 80.46
7 2013-15 V.Ranjith Kumar 13G21E0051 85.34
8 2014-16 K.Manisha 14G21E0015 86.25
9 2015-17 K.Hemalatha 15G21E0018 88.43
10 2016-18 J.Sowmya 16G21E0010 91.83
11 2017-19 M.Sreekanth 17G21E0019 96.47
12 2018-20 K.Aswini 18G21E0016 90.15

List of Faculty

2 Dr. K.VIJAYA NIRMALA Associate Professor Ph.D
3 Mrs.J.Srivani Associate Professor MBA(Ph.D)
4 Mr.G.Murali Krishna Assistant Professor MBA
5 Mr.S.V.Rama Krishna Assistant Professor MBA
6 Mr.T.Lakshmi Srinivasulu Assistant Professor MBA
7 Mr. P. Abdul Azez Assistant Professor MBA
8 Mr.P. Madhu Assistant Professor MBA
9 Mr.B.Teja Assistant Professor MBA
8 Ms. D.Alekhya Assistant Professor MBA
9 Mrs.G. Kalyani Assistant Professor MBA
10 Ms. B. Babjee Prasanna Assistant Professor MBA
11 Mrs. N.Divya Rasme Assistant Professor MBA


Contact HoD

Dr.Jayakranth Rapoori MBA,Ph.D
Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology,
Gudur - 524101, Nellore Dist.,A.p., India.