Library Committee

Library Committee had been constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library and coordination with all Heads of the Department, faculty members, and the students. The committee also works towards modernization and improvement of library and documentation services. The committee prepare budget and proposals for the development of the library and also take measures to increase the membership of the library beyond the boundaries of the College.

1 Prof.V.Sreenatha Sarma Dean ICT Convener
2 Mr. S.Raghuram Librarian Member
3 Dr. G.Chinnarao Professor Member
4 Dr.P.Chandrakanth Associate Professor Member
5 Mr.A.Surendra Reddy Assistant Professor Member
6 Mr. K.Abraham Assistant Professor Member
7 Mr. D.Dinesh Kumar Assistant Professor Member
8 Mr. S.V.Rama Krishna Assistant Professor Member
9 Mr.G.Ratnaiah Assistant Librarian Member

Functions & Responsibilities:-

To invite the requirement from all the departments.
To prepare the list of books and learning resources requirement as per the department requirements.
Proper maintenance of books and other infrastructure of the library.
To facilitate students and staff for smooth issuing and identification of learning resources.
To maintain subscription for various learning resources regularly.