IPR Committee

The current and stated Intellectual Property (IP) Policy of the Audisankara College of Engineering & Technology (ASCET) aims to facilitate the protection of intellectual property generated during scientific pursuit in the Institute and offers scope for wealth generation, and betterment of human life.
All faculty, staff and students to document their IP, so that it could be protected and applied to the gain of the country, the institute and the concerned inventors.
ASCET is keen to facilitate faculties and staff of ASCET in a proactive manner in the generation, protection and transaction of Intellectual Property which offer potential and scope for shared benefits to both institute and inventors.
Through this policy, a system will be in place to bring order into the process of knowledge generation and commercial exploitation.

1 Prof.A.Immanuel Professor & HoD-EEE Convener
2 Prof.P.Michael Joseph Stalin Professor & HoD-ME Member
3 Prof.Ch. Madhuramma Professor Member
4 Prof.V.Sivamaran Associate Professor Member
5 Prof.K.Vijaya Nirmala Associate Professor Member