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About H & S

The Department of Humanities and Sciences is one of the pioneering departments in the institution. It is committed to the cost of quality education in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Drawing.

Effective English is the visa to success. The globalization of business has brought technical communication to the forefront of academics and industry. Our English teachers provide students with vital training to meet the demands of global communication and help them to develop proficiency in English. Our Language lab offers the usage of audio speakers and head phones to train the students individually and in groups.

Mathematics provides a good theoretical foundation through high quality teaching complimented by extensive practical training. The charm of differential calculus, matrices, multiple integrals, numerals and equations holds the limelight in Mathematics.

Our Physics teachers' main objective is to make the students to understand the basic concepts of Physics. To offer wide range of knowledge in the field of Physics, our Physics laboratory has the equipments like ultrasonic interferometer, band gap determination kit, fibre optic kit, cathode ray oscilloscope etc.,

Chemistry is the branch of the natural sciences dealing with the composition of the substances and their properties & relations. Chemistry, with its finely tuned experiments, introduces the basic chemical laboratory techniques and core chemical principles to meet the requirements of different branches of Engineering and Technology.


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