Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology

Corporate Training

The Training and Placement Cell arranges for external training sessions by soliciting the services of external training agencies like , Talentio, Six-Phrase, New Leaf Learning Solutions and INSTACKSperiodically.These training agencies visit the campus at regular intervals and hold several training and counseling sessions to prepare the students for the corporate challenges and professional success by imparting training in aptitude soft skills and communication ability through many interesting and innovative programme which call for the active participation and vital contribution of the students. These training agencies bring the students closer to the corporate world by exposing them to corporate etiquettes and behavioral patters essential for their professional success. These external training sessions play a very pivotal role in inculcating in the students such leadership qualities as commitment to work, goal setting, and pragmatic outlook time management discipline, personal and professional integrity, problem solving skills and crisis management skills and help them excellife in their professional

1920 Placed Students Through CRT
2021 Placed Students Through CRT
2122 Placed Students Through CRT