Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Roles & Responsibilities

     Organize lectures, workshops and seminars by renowned personalities from different domains of expertise, competitions of various kinds etc. round-the-year in order to create awareness and to sharpen business acumen of students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

     Arranging for suitable skill development programmes related to Entrepreneurship Development.

     Mentor students/others who have business ideas by bringing expertise to their doorstep. The EDC would be a networking hub for people aspiring to be entrepreneurs and also play a role in team building as a part of its mentorship. Mentoring the people at an early stage by giving proper direction and necessary exposure would be crucial in converting technical ideas/projects into viable business plans.

     To organize for suitable Guest Lectures related to Entrepreneurship Development

     To conduct one International Conference related to Entrepreneurship Development.

     Plan for intellectual property ventures.

     Organize annual event at the end of year long activities

     On the lines of alumni students may be made members of EDC for post graduation mentorship and other resources may be availed.

     To have strong relationship with alumni for long standing growth of EDC.

     To invite speakers from Financial and Venture Capital institutions to enlighten on schemes and assistance existing to promote new ventures.

     To undergo training in FDP on entrepreneurship.

1 Prof.R. Lokanadham Principal Convener 9248748419
2 Dr.K.Vijaya Nirmala Professor Member 8179167172
3 Dr.M.Rajaiah HoD CSE Member 9248748415
4 Prof.J. Suresh Professor & Dean Student Affairs Member 9248748405
5 Dr.P.Michael Joseph Stalin HoD MECH Member 9248748402
6 Prof.K. Dhanumjaya HoD ECE Member 9248748401
7 Prof.Y. Harnath HoD FME Member 9248748436
8 Prof.V. Chandra Sekhar HoD MCA Member 9177721485
9 Dr.A.M. Mahaboob Basha HoD MBA Member 9248748424