Audisankara College of Engineering and Technology

Chairman Desk


Dr.Vanki Penchalaiah


The Chairman of ASCET, Dr. V.Penchalaiah has carved out a niche for himself in the field of education and business, blending his academic instinct and business acumen in right proportions. Backed by a brilliant academic record with top qualifications, his unflinching commitment to cause of education, he is in the forefront of providing top quality technical education to the students with middle and lower middle class economic background. Armed with enormous experience of running educational institutions and industries, he traveled very widely pursuing new lands, new people and new ideas. He moves heaven and earth to provide the youngsters with value based education and inculcates the noble qualities of hard work, dedication, integrity of character, fairness, and a certain pride in our culture and heritage.

It is no exaggeration to state in this connection that he strives to lay very strong foundation for character building of students, besides paving the way for their bright future. He is the inimitable architect of many promising careers and a perpetual source of inspiration to many youngsters, who are likely to become responsible citizens and ideal of this country. ASCET, which is the brain-child of Dr. V.Penchalaiah is a veritable breeding ground for many prospective engineering graduates who are raring to play a very constructive part in nation building. He regards knowledge as an invaluable asset and the students as indispensable parts of ASCET.

Dr. Penchalaiah earnestly believes in the all-round development of a student's personality which leads to a wholesome and harmonious development of the society. Dr.V.Penchalaiah's penchant for social service, his humanitarian concerns and philanthropic interests are amply testified by the fact that he offers 10 percent free seats under the management quota every year to the poor meritorious students hailing from the rural areas. In a nutshell, Dr.V.Penchalaiah, is rendering a yeoman service to the cause of technical education as a Chief Patron and architect of many a bright career.