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Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell

The Internal Complaints Committee for prevention of sexual harassment of women at campus, as per ‘The Sexual Harassment at Campus (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013’ College Internal Complaint Committee (CICC) has to be formed for the Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal of Sexual Harassment to deal with the sexual harassment complaints of women at the Campus. This committee acts as an "Internal Complaints Committee", which has been set up in accordance with the directives of Honorable Supreme Court of India to ensure safety, security and dignity of women at Campus.

Its mandate includes:

To create a congenial working environment which is free of sexual harassment or gender based discrimination for all women employees and students.

To heighten awareness and sensitivity to this important issue amongst all concerned

To look into instances of sexual harassment of women at Campus and recommend measures for promoting gender equality and gender amity.

The Objective of the Cell is

To create a secure physical and social environment this will deter acts of sexual harassment.

To promote a social and psychological environment that will raise awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms.

To provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination.

To facilitate a safe environment that is free of sexual harassment.

To develop guidelines and norms for policies against sexual harassment.

To develop principles and procedures to combat sexual harassment.

To organize gender sensitization awareness programme.

To deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment in a time bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized.

Creation and delivery of customized awareness training sessions to the management, internal complaints committee and employees, on a need basis

Roles and responsibilities

The committee has to ensure enough steps are taken to create awareness on the topic. If in case any person approaches any of the committee members, the member is immediately required to inform others. A written complaint is required to be taken from the aggrieved person, necessary action to be taken, preferably to settle the matter through counseling and conciliation as soon as possible. In case the matter is not so sorted, inquiry to be conducted and matter to be sorted out within 10 days from the date of compliant. The members to be vigilant all the time and ensure that there is no such incident taking place in campus by creating awareness and having an open dialogue with all the students.

Anti-Ragging Squad will be working under the Monitoring of Anti Ragging Committee and will seek advice from the Anti-Ragging Committee.

The functions of Anti-Ragging Squad will be to keep a vigil and stop the incidences of Ragging, if any, happening / reported in the places of Student aggregation including, Classrooms, Canteens, Buses, Grounds, Hostels etc.

The Squad will also educate the students at large by adopting various means about the menace of Ragging and related Punishments there to.

A gamut of positive reinforcement activities are adopted by Anti-Ragging Squad for orienting students and molding their personality for a better cause.

They shall work in Consonance and Guidance of Anti Ragging Committee.

S.No Name of the Faculty Department Designation
1 Dr R.Lokha Nadham Principal Chairperson
2 Mrs M Bhargavi Associate Professor-CSE Convenor
3 Mr. J Ramaiah Administrative Officer Member
4 Mrs N Shobha Rani Associate Professor Member
5 Mrs G Sumalatha Associate Professor Member
6 Mrs B Archana Associate Professor Member
7 Dr.G Sujatha Associate Professor Member
8 Mrs.J Srivani Associate Professor Member
9 Mrs G Puspha Latha Girls Hostel Warden Member
10 IV ECE – L R Student Member
11 IV CSE- L R student Member
12 III MCA L R Student Member
13 IV EEE L R Student Member
14 II MBA L R Student Member