Anti-Ragging Committee

To prevent ragging in the College, Hostel an anti ragging committee is constituted Principal as chairman, Heads of the departments, Administrative Officer, Physical Director, Students and Parents as members as per the guide lines of AICTE / UGC.

1 Prof.R.Lokanadham Principal Chairman
2 Prof.M.Rajaiah Dean Academics Member
3 Prof.M. Bhargavi Prof. & HoD-CSE Member
4 Prof. J.Suresh Prof. & Dean Student Affairs Member
5 Prof.P.Michael Joseph Stalin Prof. & HoD-ME Member
6 Prof.K. Dhanumjaya Prof. & HOD-ECE Member
7 Prof.Y. Harnath Prof. & HOD-FME Member
8 Prof.V.Chandra Sekhar Prof. & HOD-MCA Member
9 Prof.R.Jayakanth Prof. & HOD-MBA Member
10 Mr.J. Ramaiah AO Member
11 Mr.G.Ravichandra PD Member
12 Mr.P. Venkata Ramanaiah Advocate Member
13 Mr.Batta Sankar Parent Member
14 Mr.S.Pulla Reddy Parent Member
15 Mrs. G. Pushapalatha Warden Member
16 Mr.G.Sudeep Reddy Student Member
17 Mr.S.Manohar Reddy Student Member

Functions & Responsibilities:-

To conduct awareness programs on Anti Ragging to the students.
To provide posters and boards in the college premises about ragging and punishment.
Vigilance is provided at different places like canteen, hostels, bus stops, corridors etc.,
The Committee enquire into the complaint of ragging received from the students of the college.
The committee recommend suitable action as per the guidelines of AICTE/ UGC.