PECon Profile

The Power Engineers Confederacy is a communion of such intellectuals who are desired to make the world around them a better place to live in. It was formed to served as a platform for all such enthusiasts to contribute an exploit the privilege on their part. It is worth mentioning the pain staking efforts and dedication put in by the department of EEE, ASCET, in giving PECon its present shape. Thanks to faculty involved, and the 2002-07 batch of students who have initiated and worked hard to make PECon a reality.PECon is the first of its kind to trigger activity in the college and nurture the talents of the students, efficient utilization of the work fore and methodologies that reciprocate progress, have been the key players in PECon's functioning.

Right birth from the birth of pen and paper, the ideology of PECon is to share, to discuss, to develop and to implement their thought so that they can take shape as professional and prodigies with all around development.

The privilege to keep this PECon always on came under the process of updating cognizance of students and motoring their skill and suitably placing them into the lap success.

Events under PECON

1 7th&8th-oct-2006 1st National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
2 29-12-2007 2nd National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
3 27-12-2008 3rd National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
4 20-02-2010 4th National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
5 07-01-2011 5th National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
6 17-3-2012 6th National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
7 20-10-2012 6th National level Technical Symposium 'PYLON'
8 14-12-2012 1stNational Energy Conservation Day
9 13-05-2013 1stNational Technology Day
10 14-12-2013 2ndNational Energy Conservation Day
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